Telkomsel & Affle Launch SMS2.0 Live in Indonesia

Jakarta, 18 May 2011 – Telkomsel, Indonesia’s leading mobile operator, in collaboration with Affle, international mobile media company, today launched the new SMS2.0 Live service, an upgraded version of the previous SMS2.0. This service substantially improves users’ messaging experience. It also integrates the messaging platform to social networking, provides free interactive content and a rich media experience with more advanced messaging capabilities.

Anuj Kumar, CEO, Affle, said, “We look forward to a very exciting year of tremendous growth with Telkomsel. We are confident that Telkomsel subscribers will enjoy using SMS2.0 Live. The messaging platform has been a result of many man years of Research & Development, incorporating the study of various UI elements like ease of use & aesthetic appeal and most importantly consumer and partner feedback. We will continue to improve the product and consumer experience.

SMS2.0 Live has been a tremendous success across Asia having millions of users and adding almost 15,000 downloads per day. Considering the legendary propensity of the Indonesian consumers towards messaging and social media, we are confident of its tremendous success here.” Kumar added.

VP Mobile Advertising Management of Telkomsel, Nyoto Priyono, said, “SMS2.0 Live’s advanced services complimented with interesting new features, is expected to become users’ solution in sending and receiving more attractive short messages (SMS). The launch of the SMS2.0 Live signifies our continuous effort in giving additional value to our consumers through innovative and high quality products.”

To use this service, Telkomsel users will have to simply download the SMS2.0 Live application by following simple steps:

  • Type: SMS2 and send SMS to 9089 (SMS tariff: kartuHALO Rp 125, simPATI Rp 100, and Kartu As Rp 88)
  • Users will get reply with a download link
  • Users can download the application by clicking the link (Free download charge)

SMS2.0 Live is a feature rich upgrade of the SMS2.0 messaging solution, which is already available to Telkomsel subscribers. In addition to a dramatic improvement of the messaging experience from black and white to colour, SMS2.0Live comes with social media functionalities incorporated in it. SMS2.0 Live gives users access to popular social networking services like Facebook and Twitter. Through the SMS2.0 Live, consumers can update status or wall posts and even send private messages to Facebook friends and tweet anytime, anywhere through the regular SMS window.

Depending on the country SMS2.0 Live also brings in interactive rich content from established media sources like MSN, Reuters, ESPN and others. Indonesian subscribers will be provided content from Kopass and Kapan Lagi. Consumers can also access search engines, webmail and messenger services using SMS2.0 Live.

For the advertisers and brands owners who are meaning to build an engaging marketing campaign, SMS2.0 Live offers a ‘Leaderboard’ which records points for all the activities consumers perform on the SMS2.0 Live platform. Brands can award consumers exciting prizes for engaging with their respective brands. Brands can also use the SMS2.0 Live platform for specific call to action activities like to enable sales, increase product awareness, book orders, pre-book models to be launched, build tune-ins for television programs and soon.

Affle ( )
Affle is a leading international mobile media company with the headquarters in Singapore. Affle has consistently delivered innovations that enhance the user experience on mobile messaging and make mobile media a reality. Affle currently operates in Singapore, India, China, the UK, the US, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia. Affle’s investors include Microsoft Corporation, Itochu Corporation of Japan, Bennett Coleman Company Limited (BCCL), Centurion Private Equity and D2 Communications.

Telkomsel ( )
Telkomsel has 38,000 BTS that reach almost 97% of Indonesian population area. As 6th biggest mobile operator in the world in term of user numbers, Telkomsel is market leader on Indonesian Telecommunication industry that served 100 million users. In effort to combine Indonesian mobile telecommunication industry’s development into new mobile broadband service era, Telkomsel consistently implements 3G, HSDPA, HSPA+ technology roadmap, as well as conducting Long Term Evolution (LTE) trials. Today, Telkomsel has developed broadband network in 40 big cities in Indonesia.

Telkomsel Mobile Advertising Services
Telkomsel provides various Mobile Advertising services in the form of text, picture, voice, or video, such as: Mobile Newspaper (information services from various newspapers and tabloids in MMS format), Popscreen (interactive broadcast system based on teaser message/ pop up text appeared on mobile phone screen), Ad@hand (downloadable application service where users can enjoy multimedia advertisement that can also be put as Ring Tone), and MKupon (a flexible service for advertisers and merchants to promote their goods via electronic coupon with image in MMS).

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