Smart SMS

Source: The Telegraph

Bored of text messages that look the same? How about some expressive emoticons, coloured messages, auto signatures and free game highlights while you are sending a message to someone? “SMS, the second most widely-used application after voice, still looks the same as it did 12 years ago. It still has 160 characters and the same colours, while other media communications have evolved,” says Anuj Kumar, director, Affle, a mobile technology company.

To tackle this, Affle has designed SMS2.0, the “first upgrade of the SMS”. Besides the “decorative element”, SMS2.0 enhances the texting experience by creating increased uptake for content on the mobile. “The highest share of the eyeball is on the SMS screen so we have used the bottom of the screen to display content of one’s choice on news, weather or cricket. Even while a message is being sent, instead of the ‘message sending’ display that usually appears, the seconds will be used to display movie gossip or jokes, free of charge,” explains Anuj. The service is only for those who choose to have it.

SMS2.0 is already available to Airtel subscribers.