Redefining ad2c, Affle focusses on a data-centric mobile mktg

Affle has revisited its ad2c business and launched it now as ad2campaign. ad2campaign is the data centric mobile marketing platform for brands and agencies with mobile attribution intelligence and programmatic procurement that allows for unified ad delivery and analytics experience. This aligns ad2campaign with Affle’s data and audience centric mobile marketing platform strategy and the evolving industry dynamics of mobile marketing.

“ad2campaign is a significant paradigm in the field of mobile marketing. This platform provides brands and agencies a higher degree of campaign control, optimisation and audience profiling, thereby, boosting impact and ROI. In an increasingly complicated environment for mobile marketing, ad2campaign provides a one stop platform solution to help brands procure media efficiently, deliver campaigns at scale and all of which is powered by smart and actionable analytics. The brand, marketing position and business model of ad2campaign is now perfectly aligned with Affle’s core strategy of providing highly integrated data centric mobile marketing technology platforms as a service,” remarked Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder and Chairman, Affle Group.

ad2campaign is a made-for-mobile platform comprised of three key modules to provide end-to-end mobile marketing management services for brands and agencies. These include procurement through its DSP platform, a unified ad delivery through its made for mobile ad server and attribution that helps brands to measure and optimise campaigns basis key KPIs and effectively track and optimise advertising to sales ratio by source. The attribution module is tailor made to track brand engagement campaigns, app download campaigns, VAS activation and sales tracking campaigns for ecommerce companies.


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“Considering the lack of any standard measurement metrics, audience profiling and performance become the key parameters in evaluating effective media investments. This rebranding is an assertion of our focus on technology in order to provide end-to-end, seamless campaign management solutions to brands and agencies that can help them to reach out to their target audience in a more effective, efficient manner,” added Madan Sanglikar, Co-founder and Managing Director, ad2campaign.

The ad2campaign platform has been used by various brands across India & Asia, including Samsung, Yahoo!, Mondelez, adidas, Max Bupa, Aircel, airtel, XL Axiata, Indosat Amazon, OnMobile, Redbus, TrueCaller etc. to drive, measure, quantify, analyse and improve efficiency of their respective campaigns on the mobile mediu

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