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Affle, a Singapore-headquartered mobile media and advertising startup, announced Tuesday that it has raised over $10 million from D2 COMMUNICATIONS, Japan’s largest mobile advertising company and a subsidiary of the country’s largest mobile operator, NTT DoCoMo. Also investing is DENTSU, one of the largest Japanese advertising company. Previous investors in Affle include Microsoft, Itochu, Bennett Coleman & Company and Centurion Private Equity.
Affle hopes to break into new markets with its wide range of mobility products, from communications apps to couponing and an interactive content platform.
“With our greater strategic association we plan to significantly further Affle’s product portfolio and traction to deliver greater value to our users and mobile media partners globally,” Anuj Khanna Sohum, Chairman, Affle Group of Companiessaid in a press release.
Products offered are Pinch and SMS2.0, both SMS communications apps; Coufon,a mobile couponing service; AffleAds, a carrier grade ad platform that enables scalable, targeted and  contextual ad delivery on various mobile channels; Affnet is a customizable, downloadable app that provides an integrated messaging and content experience; AYX, a  youth focused ad exchange and finally, MobMag,an interactive content platform on mobile.
Affle has established partnerships with 10 leading telecom companies with a combined reach of over 500 million subscribers worldwide. 
D2C is the largest mobile advertising agency of Japan with rights to sell all inventories on NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s biggest mobile operator with over 57 million subscribers. 
Affle was not immediately available to comment.
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