iAccelerator’s 2013 Batch: Fingify, Locator, Girdle, Chauka & Others

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iAccelerator, the incubation program from the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship at IIM Ahmedabad, has announced its batch of 10 startups for 2013, selected from 500 applicants. The program began on 2nd September, and will culminate on 30th November 2013 with a Demo day. The startups selected:


– Fingify places advertisements on your mobile phones lock screen and pays users with credits every time they unlock their phone. Credits can then be converted into mobile recharge.

Our take: the interactivity integrated here is interesting, but we wonder if Advertisers will pay for users who don’t interact. Also keep in mind that the intent of a user looking to unlock the phone is to unlock the phone and use it, not interact with an ad. This model is not very defensible, and it’s important for Fingify to build a user base quickly, and then sign up advertisers and agencies quickly. We’re reminded of Affle’s SMS 2.0 product.

Location based services

– Locator is a mobile utility location based service which pulls your entire phonebook into its directory, and provides you with location data of users on request. You can also share your location with others and save addresses under a specific name too.

Note: this sounds like a Truecaller with location info.


– RideShare / GetJugaad: is a service that allows users to shared rides, with verified commuters. It also facilitates cashless travelling and women-only rideshares. A similar service, SharedCab, was a part of the GSF Accelerator.


– Mech Mocha is a mobile game development start up whose first game under development is called ‘Pablo and The Puppet Punch’. The game is a unique blend of sci-fi and puppet culture that follows the main character ‘Pablo’, who has to fight evil puppets with lasers, bombs, swords and bullets. Players have to complete weekly hunts and daily challenges and can even purchase more ammunition and costumes for Pablo.

Social / Enterprise social

– Gridle is a collaboration and enterprise software, with features like file sharing, calendars and instant messaging, make it a useful and effective tool for teams working cross border. It is currently in pre-alpha stage.

– Sosio is a community focused application, which helps them to attract volunteers, manage their supporters for events/causes, raise funds and measure Key Performance Indicators. This brings in more accountability, bridges the bi-directional communication gap, and adds efficiency to the day-to-day activities.

– Chauka is a scorekeeping application, currently focused on Cricket. It allows local leagues and players, via its website and mobile application, to keep score, create profiles and connect with other players in their. Players get live scorecards, detailed match analysis and automatically updated profiles and ranks which can be easily shared on social networks via the Chauka app. The app claims to already have cricketers and associations already using this app.

– QScript is a survey management solution that enables companies to collect survey data using mobile devices easily and efficiently, analyze data in real time. Its platform also supports audio visual questions and answers.


– EashMart allows making payments via mobile. As do many others. The demo video on YouTube makes the payment process appear rather simple, but if it were this simple, many others who have failed would still be around. A second layer of confirmation for payments is missing, judging by the video.


– DoDataDo monitors web traffic, and claims to simplify data and provide actionable micro-insights to improve conversions, in real time.