Bharti Airtel ties-up with Affle to bring SMS2.0

Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom service provider and Affle, the leader in mobile media innovations, today announced a partnership, to make the revolutionary SMS2.0 service available to all Airtel customers in Delhi & National Capital Region. The SMS2.0 application powered by Affle is the world’s first major upgrade to the extremely popular SMS application. SMS2.0 retains the simplicity of text-messaging while enhancing the user experience by seamlessly converging enhanced messaging, content and advertising. SMS2.0 integrates itself with the usual user interactions by residing as the default SMS application on the handset. SMS2.0 leverages the eyeball assured nature of SMS to blend interactive media within the existing messaging experience.

With SMS2.0, consumers can discover a variety of relevant content and services of their choice in a very familiar interface at no extra cost. Commenting on the launch of SMS 2.0, Mr. P.S. Parasuram, Head – Content and New Product Development, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel Ltd said, Airtel has continuously aimed to provide a superior user experience across all its services. We selected SMS2.0 as we feel it enriches our users experience with SMSing, while at the same time creating a viable and extremely exciting revenue model. Initial studies show extremely positive usage patterns. Users were particularly pleased with the integrated content that was both fun and informative. Users also favoured the enhanced messaging features like custom text colors, fun emoticons, and scheduled SMS.

Mr. Anuj Kumar, Executive Director (South Asia) of Affle, said, “We are excited to partner with Airtel in India. SMS2.0 is a media, for which the leading content partners and advertisers, are already creating customized campaigns. This is because the users value our media, and find the content, promotions, and messaging features extremely engaging.” With SMS being the most widely used application, the user is already familiar with how to launch and use the basic features of SMS2.0. This makes the learning curve to browse SMS2.0 content minimal. The advertisements on SMS2.0 are highly interactive and have a rich set of “call-to-action” features such as call now, call-me-back, buy-now, launch video, answer-survey, view web page, and many others. The potential of the platform is evident, given that leading companies like Aviva, Britannia, Goodyear, HPCL, ICICI, Levis,, Perfetti Van Melle, Indiatimes, Cricinfo & Group M Interactions, have already partnered with Affle & Airtel.

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Sourced From: Rediffusion – DYR Public Relations