Aviva goes Mobile with SMS2.0

Source: Wire / News

Aviva, one of the leading insurance companies in India, and Affle the leader in mobile media innovations, today announced a partnership to enable Aviva to reach out and interact with users of mobile phones. This partnership ensures that Aviva engages with the users of the SMS2.0 service in a focused manner to evaluate their cost of postponement for retirement planning. It offers multiple levels of interactivity to the users. Thus if the user likes a particular promotion showcased to him by Aviva, he could get connected to the Aviva customer care center at the click of a button. The user could also get the desired information by sending an SMS. It thus presents a holistic communication platform, with the brand having the opportunity to increase awareness, share additional information, and finally drive users to a query or purchase. Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Vivek Khanna, Director Marketing at Aviva India said “As a Forward Thinking organization we have always believed in reaching out to our target audience in ways that are customer friendly. Given the reach and interactivity offered by a mobile phone, we really believe in the power of this medium. We value Affle’s SMS2.0 solution as it provides us a robust platform to interact non intrusively with mobile users, and also drive a lot of engagement.” With this partnership in place, users of SMS2.0 have already started being exposed to Aviva communication. Mr. Anuj Kumar, Executive Director (South Asia) of Affle, said, “We are pleased to partner with Aviva in India. The initial results to their campaign have been very positive, with over 4% users clicking on the interactivity options. This interactivity leads users to directly call Aviva, or get Aviva to call them back, amongst other things. We expect these positive trends to continue, as SMS2.0 blends itself with the existing user experience, and offers easy to use interactivity options, which have been much appreciated by the user. ”