Affles SMS 2.0 crosses 100 mn impressions in mobile media – The Economic Times

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MUMBAI: Next generation short messaging service, SMS 2.0, developed by UK-based firm Affle has crossed over 100 million impressions in mobile advertising, making it the largest mobile media platform in India.

Launched late last year with mobile service operator Airtel, Affle is in close talks with other telecom players to offer similar service, a top company official said.

“The user uptake for SMS 2.0 was unprecedented as the primary focus was to provide quality service to users. They can now send their messages with attractive background colours or emoticons. We look at adding about 10-11 lakh users by the end of the year,” Affle South Asia Executive Director Anuj Kumar told media.

SMS 2.0 is platform neutral and the company is in talks with both GSM and CDMA technology based telecom providers to offer it, he added.

The key differentiator is that it replaces the default SMS application on the mobile handset and does not provide a challenge to users to search it from applications menu.

As the service is free to users, it helps in easy adoption, he said.

There is a cache of content stored on the phone which is periodically updated through a background action.

Every time the user opens the messaging window, a content of relevance to him or her, is pulled out of the cache, and is shown at the bottom of the screen in an inobtrusive fashion.