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27 June 2007: You will soon be able to send colored messages and emoticons from your mobile phone at no additional cost. Affle, a UK-based mobile phone media innovation company has just unveiled a new SMS platform for mobile phones in India and Singapore.

The new platform is called SMS 2.0 (short message and search two point zero). This application boasts enhanced features, content, promotions, and a free Internet search facility.

By the above we mean that users will be able to schedule SMSes, send SMS to email, send graphic and multimedia attachments, access the Internet and even get updates on discounts and promotions from various advertisers.

Basically, the default content stays at the bottom portion of the screen and converts to full screen when either the message is sent or the consumer clicks on the content.

What’s more; Affle also links to other customizable search services such as online dictionaries, movies, wikipedia and others.

According to Anuj Khanna, Affle chairman and chief executive officer, “SMS2.0 redefines the second ‘S’ in SMS, it is now Short Message and Search.”

As of now, Affle has partnered with Group M to get advertisers on board and mobile operator Airtel to provide service to its customers.

Advertisers like Coke, Nike, Aviva, P&G and Lenovo have already showed interest in this new technology.

Affle said that the revenue from the services will be shared between the application provider, operator, handset manufacturer and advertising agency.

Khanna said that Affle is currently in talks with mobile operators in Malaysia to launch the product in the country. Besides, the company is also working with various online search engines to power its mobile search on SMS 2.0.

Besides India and Singapore, Affle plans to launch the SMS2.0 platform in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Japan and Australia.