Affle International partners with IMDA to join the Cloud Native Community- Adgully

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Affle International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Affle (India) Limited a global technology business announced its partnership with IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore), to strengthen Affle’s platforms with cloud-native architecture today.

This partnership will enable SG:D Accredited Affle with the multi-cloud distribution of assets, such as software applications, across several cloud environments. It will also enable emerging technology offerings as component services for assets that are widely reused in a variety of applications since every business process does not have to be re-created from scratch and existing functionalities can be leveraged from multiple sources. Affle International will enable APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to expose component services to users and facilitate innovation by producing new business processes, products or services to facilitate communication between services.

Commenting on this partnership, Anuj Khanna Sohum, the Chairman, MD and CEO of Affle International said, “We are excited for this collaboration with IMDA, which has extended its support to us at several occasions in the past. We will support IMDA in Cloud-Native Architecture by providing it a touchpoint to raise its needs and concerns to the relevant stakeholders and closely work together on strategies to support adoption of Cloud-Native Architecture amongst Singapore-based enterprises.”

Cloud Native Infrastructure enables enterprises to achieve auto provisioning to manage resources; auto-scaling to track various components of the apps while releasing and pulling resources automatically where appropriate to handle continuously evolving business needs; and auto redundancy wherein if there is an issue, the app processing instantly moves to another server or data centre automatically and seamlessly.

Such emerging technologies will make it possible for businesses to automate repetitive tasks and achieve higher productivity. The Government of Singapore has already made the move to migrate to Cloud-Native Architecture by establishing the Singapore Government Tech Stack.

This partnership will add to the cultivation of a vibrant Infocomm and media ecosystem in Singapore to support economic growth.