Affle announces first winner of Pinch iPad Global Contest

New York, August 9: Affle, a leading mobile media company, today announce the first winner of its Pinch iPad Global Contest, Jared Kozil of Illinois, USA. The contest opened on July 16,together with the launch of their iPhone app called Pinch. A strong mobile messaging platform with integrated location services, animations and many other features.

Congratulating Jared on winning the gadget, which has caught all gizmo grabbers fancy worldwide, Anuj Khanna, CEO of Affle, said, “This is a fantastic culmination of the hours of effort the Affle team has put in to create Pinch. It is very satisfying to award a winner who used Pinch, enjoyed the application, collected thousands of points and staked a claim for the iPad. We look forward to giving away 11 more iPads and many other prizes under the Pinch iPad Global Contest.”

Jared was informed by the Affle team via Pinch about his lucky win. He responded ecstatically stating, “It’s an amazing app, and everyone needs to know about it.” He added, “Well Pinch is more than just social networking. For a whole year, they’re offering amazing prizes that you have an amazing chance to win, just like me! Even if you don’t win a prize, this app is still a great way to connect.”

Under the Pinch iPad Global Contest 50 Pinchers, people who use Pinch, also won iTunes Gift Cards worth US$ 30 each. The contest will continue for the entire year giving Pinchers a chance to win more iTunes Gift Cards and iPads.

Explaining the simplicity of entering the Pinch iPad Global Contest, Charles Yong, Director, Product Management, said, “It is all very simple. Visit the app store on the iPhone. Download app called Pinch by Affle. Get busy with reaching out to friends, exchanging messages with them wherever in the world they are, share your location and get creative in using the Pinch to the fullest. The more you use it the more points you accumulate. And greater the chances of winning!”

About Pinch:

Pinch by Affle is the first cross platform iMessenger app with strong location based social networking functionalities built in. It provides an easy to play leader-board style contests, cool map views with friend locations, directions, Facebook Twitter integration updates on journeys made and miles traveled. Pinch also features emoticon integrity across platforms, supports sporty animations and picture messaging.

About Affle:

Affle is a leading mobile media company with the R&D headquarters in Singapore and marketing headquarters in the US. Affle has consistently delivered innovations that enhance the user experience on mobile messaging and make mobile media a reality. Affle currently operates in Singapore, India, China, UK, USA, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia. Affle’s shareholders include Microsoft & Itochu and 50% of Affle’s directors based in the US.