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Shanghai July 31, 2015 / Xinhua-PRNewswire / – Affle leading mobile platform company, today announced the launch of its mobile users in Greater China Services (MAAS) platform. The company in March 2015 in Barcelona Mobile World Congress officially released its mobile subscriber service platform, and launched a comprehensive market in Southeast Asia and India. Affle hopes to launch the platform in China to take advantage of the fastest growing and second largest mobile advertising market opportunities.

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Affle founder, chairman and CEO  Anuj Khanna Sohum  on the platform release, said: “Over the past nine years, the company has in India, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian markets to establish a stable business, and establish a market leadership position following the success. After a number of the world’s top customers deploy our mobile customer service platform, we are very pleased that we want to deploy similar mobile users an integrated platform of China service platform electricity supplier , to provide this service marketers as well as application and game developers. China has $ 14 billion in mobile advertising market, it is possible to enter the market, we really are very excited, we will conduct business through professional local team in Beijing to provide support for the expansion of our business in this market. “

Co-founder and managing director of Affle  Anuj Kumar  said: “A few months ago we started the sales work in China, the market has become one of our major markets we hope to contribute with our local team and accelerate our business. growth plans, and thus become the preferred platform for global businesses seeking to expand business in China. With the global advertising into the program and localization, attribution analysis and data management platform escalating competition in the market, the market for our mobile customer service platform like this demand integration platform is also increasing. Our platform combines the existing ad and affiliate networks, the Internet advertising trading platform, publishers and supply-side platforms, can achieve a higher return on investment and trading. We are very pleased at the maximum game trade show   China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Expo on display and launch our business in China, and hopes to strengthen cooperation between China’s leading game studios and application development business with. “

According to eMarketer released a report predicted that China’s mobile advertising market will reach $ 14 billion in 2015, and is expected to increase to $ 40 billion in 2018. Affle further expanded with the launch of its global business network, the company currently has 10 offices worldwide, with particular focus on India, Indonesia and China and other Asian markets. Chinese trading companies, game developers and brands currently available Affle mobile customer service platform, through real-time optimization base sales, activation, usage and transaction data to optimize marketing expenses and income, and thus with more targeted programs and management Users get to realize a higher return on investment.